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all right so i know this girl who goes to school with me who is a total fucking redneck and lives on a farm.
she all of a sudden is trying to be "goth" by wearing dark makeup, bragging about how many anti depressants she's on, and cutting herself. it's so fucking annoying.
i told my friend Graeme (which as you may know is my canadian goth friend)...and he was furious.
he hates people like her
so he wrote her a letter that i am to print out and give to her.
here it is :
Dear Rachel,

It has come to my attention that you have been mis-interpreting the gothic
subculture as a bunch of whiney, emo kid wanna-be's, when this is quite untrue.
You see, I have been hearing of your bragging about being on anti-depressents,
and you trying to cut yourself with a belt buckle, and drinking virgin margaritas,
and claiming to be hungover for five days, and I've got to say, I've had enough.
You are not goth, nor will you ever be, as long as you have to live up to the image
that you think goth is. Methinks a little history might set you straight; The whole
Goth scene started as an anti-disco movement,going completely opposite from their
colourful clothing, and upbeat music, we (and i say we excluding you, if you have
not gathered that yet) did the complete reverse, low bass lines, hard guitaring, and
screaming lyrics when appropriate. I would see you much more appropriate to the emo
scene, as to whining about suicide, but never commiting, I might suggest some other
ways, like, doing six tabs of acid and lying on railroad tracks, or simply load
and fire a gun? I just like you kids who apparently want to commit, to know how
to do it right. I suppose after that incoherent jibberish I spilled out there, I
should give a final note; Dont be goth, we do not want you. Go be emo, they're
desperate for recruites, look at them, so desperate with unpopularity that they
try to pose as suicidal,and cut their wrists across and not down, oh no wait! THAT'S
YOU! honestly, knowing that you exist, and claiming you're goth just offends me, and
that's pretty bad, considering I have never, nor probably will ever meet you. Good
luck, if you ever meet an authentically goth person, and if they want to discuss
anything. either learn, and stop trying to be emo and wear goth clothes at the same
time, or stop being goth.

Best of wishes,
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