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hello i am new here...

isen't a poser some one who dresses a way... to look like every one... but i agree in a way every one is a poser... i'll admit there is shit i do and shit i lessen to that would make other gothic's think " wow what a BIG fucken poser "... me on the other hand i just think this is a choice... as a goth you get beat up, thrented, looked at like you are sent from hell... i kinda think of this a having more power over my self... being able to put up with there shit to do what i bleave in... o and i am a goth not because of my friends are " i was one before them" but because i feel this a form of self expertion... the darkness of my cloths repersenting the pain and depressen i have had in my life... the studs repersenting the jagged walls of my life and how if hitting the edges wrong it will or could send me into another depressen... the eyeliner tears i have on my face repersent the tears i have hidden for years...

and in a matter of speaking... if you just go up to some one who is gothic... and say "you are a poser"... arnt you doing something to hate when people so it to you... judgeing you?... so in a matter of speaking dosent that make you the poser?...

if this did not make sence... please tell me...
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