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meh...whats up...

finally getting back my clothes out of the closet..and getting new ones...even if its hot profit (ashamed, fucking kill me now) i feel so out of place at the moment trapped between raves and dennys (mwahaha)...speaking of denny's did anyone see the goth parody on south park? fuckin' hilarious. i know those guys. :-D ....neways.... first post and all... i hate pozers...bla bla bla... actually.. i hate people who dont try to make their own style..fuckin' pisses me off when people do something just to be popular or because its the in thing to do..i wouldnt call that pozing really.. i call it lack of self expression and internal image. do i label myself as goth? fuck no. do i label myself as a raver? fuck no. I call myself a person who enjoys different styles and has a certain mindset on things. it might be "gothic" style and might be "raver" style but it doesnt make the person. im growing my hair out. why? "because im a pozing long haired wish i were a goth pozer" ... fuck that. im growing my hair out cuz i fuckin' feel like it. it doesnt help that random women think it'd be hot not that some don't consider me as such allready but it doesn't really matter. on top of that it plain pisses me off when my dad says "goths" are satan worshipers. wtf. i go to church. sure i look odd there...but still i go to church. i believe in god. bla bla bla. sure some "goths" worship satan etc but it doesnt mean they all do. most just dont give a shit. eh. anyways. enough of my random spewage. and also...if you're going to say "LIKE TOTALLY OMFG" one more god damn time take yer mouth and remove it from yer face before something bad getting run over by a..umm...H2 or something..christ..CAN PEOPLE TALK INTELLIGENTLY AT ALL?!?!?! AHHHH!!!

la la la.
the end.
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